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McDonalds Burger hasn’t changed in 14 years

Utah man David Whipple bought a McDonalds hamburger way back in 1999. He had planned to keep the burger for 30 days to demonstrate how many preservatives were in it. … Continue reading

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A fun new game has emerged that combines soccer and golf. Played on a golf course, players kick a soccer ball into a 21-inch hole using as few kicks as possible. The game … Continue reading

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Paralysed man has orgasms with his thumb

43-year-old Californian man Rafe Biggs, was left with no feeling below the waist when he fell from a roof and broke his neck. With no feeling He believed his days of … Continue reading

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Man shaves eyeballs

52-year-old Liu Deyan, runs an eye-cleaning stand in Chengdu, China, where he washes peoples eyes… with a knife. The ordeal takes around five minutes and involved pulling back the eyelid … Continue reading

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Robot bees

For a while now, honey bee populations around the world have been in decline. If they disappear completely, the planet’s ecosystems would be in trouble. Just in case this happens, … Continue reading

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Judge allows woman to legally masturbate at work

This is an older story, but I think it’s worth hearing. Back in 2011, a Brazilian judge ruled that 36-year-old Ana Catarian Bezerra could legally masturbate at work and watch porn on … Continue reading

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Toy poodles exposed as ferrets in disguise

An Argentinian man purchased what he thought were toy poodles at the La Salada street market for $150 each, but when he had them examined by a veterinarian it turned … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Sexual Encounter

An anonymous 25-year-old woman posted an add in the Casual Encounters section on Craigslist, “Seeking Robb Stark look-alike from GOT.”

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Smoking pods

In Japan, it can be a little tricky finding a place to smoke. Some cities, like Tokyo, have banned smoking even on the street. In an effort to remedy this, … Continue reading

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Nazi Death Ray

The Nazis planned on using a giant orbital space mirror and solar energy to fry cities from space.

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