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Paralysed man has orgasms with his thumb

Thumb sucker

43-year-old Californian man Rafe Biggs, was left with no feeling below the waist when he fell from a roof and broke his neck. With no feeling He believed his days of sexual pleasure were behind him. Not so.

A year after his accident, as his girlfriend was sucking and massaging his thumb, Biggs experienced an orgasm. Biggs said:

“I felt this build-up of energies and felt I was getting closer and closer to orgasm. When I did it, it was amazing. I never thought it would be possible, but massaging and sucking on my thumb feels a lot like my penis used to feel – it’s really hot.”

Biggs now has regular sessions with sex therapist Skye Carl. She explained:

“What Rafe is experiencing is a ‘transfer orgasm’, where another place on the body gives the same sensation. He has significant reduction in pain after a session.”

Biggs now refers to his thumb as a “surrogate penis”.


One comment on “Paralysed man has orgasms with his thumb

  1. Herbie
    April 30, 2013

    I used to get that feeling all the time at school when I or someone touched my arm or leg in a certain way. This is long before I had my first “real orgasm”.
    Sucking your own thumb, though. I’ve always considered that way too gay.

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