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Father Gofo: Metalhead Priest

Catholic priest Adolfo Huerta  known as "Gofo" puts on his soutane at the church "Our Lord of Mercy" in Saltillo

Adolfo Huerta Aleman, or Father Gofo as he’s known to this flock, is an unusual priest. He dresses like a metalhead, drinks in bars, swears, smokes and enjoys looking at naked women. Oh, and he rides a motorbike.

When Gofo joined the church in the Mexican city of Satillo, he didn’t want to forget who he was before, so decided to use his love of rock culture to connect with those who had little interest in the church.

He wears sculls and t-shirts with naked women on them in church, and swears and makes rock song references during mass, which didn’t sit well with the more conservative members of his parish, many of whom threatened to leave the church. But over time he convinced most of them he’s a good person and they have come to accept him.


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This entry was posted on March 28, 2013 by in Weird people.

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