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“Penis snatching” is apparently a thing


Reports of penis theft are widespread across West and Central Africa, and according to Louisa Lombard, an academic from the University of California, those reports are on the rise. 

The typical report involves a man using “an electric handshake” to either steal another man’s penis or make it shrink. Lombard was told that a tea seller in a market was the latest victim of penis theft:

“After handing over his money, he [the stranger] clasped the vendor’s hand. The tea seller felt an electric tingling course through his body and immediately sensed that his penis had shrunk to a size smaller than that of a baby’s.”

I can’t help but wonder if penis theft is used as an excuse for having a small penis, much like the Popobawa is often used to explain away signs of sodomy.


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This entry was posted on March 20, 2013 by in Weird people.

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