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The girl with X-Ray Eyes


17-year-old Russian girl Natasha Demkina claims to have X-Ray vision, and a few scientists agree with her.  

Demkina can apparently  see through people and diagnose diseases. Of course, not everyone is convinced. She was invited to London and New York for scientific experiments.

British scientists confirmed Demkina’s power, whereas American scientists weren’t as convinced. Demkina explained:

“It takes me too much time to explain and specify everything that I can see. Sometimes I can see diseases at their early stages, when neither patients nor their doctors have any slightest suspicions about them. That is why we had problems with American scientists.”

But now, Japanese scientists have also confirmed the gift. During the latest test, Demkina demonstrated the ability to see through different patient’s – identifying a prosthetic knee, asymmetrical internal organs and an early pregnancy.

Of course, the Japanese are still at early stages of their experiment so time will tell.

Thanks Catherine Kaschke for sending me this story.


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This entry was posted on March 12, 2013 by in Weird people, Weird technology.

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