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Monkey waiters


Kayabuki restaurant in the North of Tokyo have two monkey waiters on staff. In case the image of a monkey taking your order is too startling, they have them wear bizarre human masks. 

The monkeys, Yat-Chan and Fuku-chan, seem to be able to understand human words. 62-year-old restaurant regular Shiochi Yano explains:

“We called out for more beer and he just brought us some beer.”

The monkeys started out as pets, but when they started imitating restaurant duties, owner Kaoru Otsuka realised they could be interesting employees. He said:

“Yat-chan first learned by just watching me working in the restaurant. It all started when one day I gave him a hot towel out of curiosity and he brought the towel to the customer.”

Obviously the monkeys don’t yet understand the value of money, so they are tipped with soya beans.


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This entry was posted on February 18, 2013 by in Weird nature, Weird people.

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