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Father hires virtual assassins to kill his son in online game


Chinese man “Mr. Feng” was worried about the amount of time his 23-year-old unemployed son was spending gaming online, so he took the tough-love approach and hired “virtual assassins” to target his son’s avatar over and over. 

Mr. Feng’s son grew frustrated and depressed, but was not deterred from gaming. He eventually asked one of the gamers why they kept ruthlessly targeting him, and the truth was revealed.

Professor Mark Griffiths, a gambling and addiction expert at Nottingham Trent University said:

“I’ve never heard of that kind of intervention before, but I don’t think these top-down approaches work. Most excessive game playing is usually a symptom of an underlying problem.”


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This entry was posted on February 5, 2013 by in Weird people, Weird technology.

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