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Woman regularly licks fur off her cat

Woman with cat

43-year-old Detroit woman Lisa, regularly eats her cat’s fur. She occasionally  picks it off the floor and couch, but more often licks it right off the cat’s back. 

Lisa can’t go more than two hours without getting a fur-fix. It’s estimated that she has digested over 3,200 fur balls.

Lisa eating breakfast with/off her cat.

Lisa eating breakfast with/off her cat.

Although she has not been examined, Dr. Andrew Fedida, a gastroenterologist, believes she would have trichobeoar, a mass of fur in her digestive tract. Fedida explains that while this condition is rare, it isn’t all together unheard of.

“I’ve had probably a half-dozen patients like that, mostly females. They almost always have some underlying psychiatric disorder.”

Lisa is set to feature on an upcoming episode of “My Strange Addiction.” I’ll be tuning in.


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