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ODDVID: The Story Of Menstruation


In 1946, Walt Disney Productions created this amazing little period movie, and I don’t mean it was set in a different period. See what I did there? This animated short was designed to educate young women about their changing bodies. It’s believed to be the first film ever to use the word “vagina”.

As well as teaching young women that “there is nothing strange or mysterious about menstruation”, the film was also distributed with a booklet discouraging the use of tampons. Check out the video below.

History is hilarious.


3 comments on “ODDVID: The Story Of Menstruation

  1. xandracoe
    January 27, 2013

    Oh, my God. I saw this movie in school when I was about 11. That would have been 1972. It was horribly embarrassing to watch, and the only thing I really took away from it was the part where the ice cubes come out of the shower head. I was in complete denial as to what was going to happen to me, and this movie didn’t make me feel any better about it. Suddenly my body was going to become this strange, bleeding beast, and I was supposed to accept that and just carry on. Something deep in me rebelled at the very notion. But as quaint as it seems now, basically, the advice is sound. “The best possible insurance against trouble on “those” days, is healthy living every day.” Can’t argue with that.

  2. Teotonio
    February 5, 2013

    LOL What a great question!!!! I know that I fosrrue feel pregnant each month. I have sore boobs- but wait, I pushed on them and THEN they were sore, or I’m nauseous but its because I ate raw meat- crazy stuff like that where even though I did things to make myself that way, I never realize it until the next month that it had nothing to do with pregnancy. I think this is why hypochrondrism is a very real disorder. They should have a disorder for us TTC women for pregnancy symtoms! lol now that will be the day!!!

  3. aoheit@gmail.com
    March 9, 2014

    They will often start with transition phrases for example: “In summary. Because writing involves so much of your respective faculties, it isn’t unlikely to find yourself challenging your own personal biases about a subject if you sit down to record your ideas.

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