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ODDPICS: Art made from butterfly wings


Police officer turned entomologist turned artist Vadim Zaritsky paints a variety of different subjects – landscapes, still life, portraits – using butterfly wings. 

All the wings are taken from butterflies that are already dead, and his paintings can take anywhere from a week to several months to complete.





slide_273799_1962179_free Vadim-Zaritsky-butterfly-wings-550x406 Vadim-Zaritsky-butterfly-wings2-550x442




4 comments on “ODDPICS: Art made from butterfly wings

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  3. fayez ehlayel
    May 15, 2013

    l have a painting 47,5/62,5cm it is all made by butterflywings it has@500000 wing the butterfly is obselete from more than 100 years the painting is a reproduction of joya painting la maja desnuda

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