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Unicorn Lair discovered in North Korea


North Korean archaeologists have discovered an ancient, rectangular rock carved with the words “unicorn lair”. Apparently, this finding reconfirms the existence of unicorns in Pyongyang. Jo Hui Sung, directory of North Korea’s history institute, claims that this find corroborates information found in historical books from the 16th Century.

There is some cause, however, to treat news from North Korea with skepticism. In the past, the leader of the totalitarian state, Kim Jong-il, was said to have been born on Baekdu mountain after a swallow predicted his birth. Apparently, when he was born, there was a double rainbow in the sky and a new star burst into the heavens.

Is it just me, or does North Korea sound a lot like Narnia?


3 comments on “Unicorn Lair discovered in North Korea

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