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When looking at the countless examples of bizarre, unlikely inter-species love in nature, it soon becomes clear that animals are the best people. Many intelligent, rational people warn us about attaching human sentiments to these kinds of relationships, but nobody really listens to them anyway. 


animal-odd-couples  i_strange_animal_couples_012_5039f2a18f7e3 i_strange_animal_couples_032_5039f377f0982 i_strange_animal_couples_045_5039f44c59d5f Oddest-Animal-Couples-02 Oddest-Animal-Couples-03 Oddest-Animal-Couples-06 Oddest-Animal-Couples-08 KOKO
Oddest-Animal-Couples-11 Oddest-Animal-Couples-12 Oddest-Animal-Couples-14 Oddest-Animal-Couples-17 Oddest-Animal-Couples-21 LUCKY MERLIN ANDERSON ss-091103-animal-friends-04_ss_full ss-091103-animal-friends-12_ss_full
The-potbellied-pig-and-th-003 unlikely-animal-friends-fox-cockerel

WARNING: There is a strong chance that the song in the following video will get stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

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This entry was posted on December 19, 2012 by in Weird gallery, Weird nature.

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