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China holds masturbation contest


A “Wankathon” has been held in the small town of Shenzhen, China, to celebrate HIV risk-free sexual freedom on World Aids Day. Ten male contestants participated in the “masturbation race”. The men wore masks and covered their genitals with orange buckets.

slide_267293_1832051_free (1)

Scantily clad models danced around with sex toys and blow-up dolls to inspire the contestants.


When the contestants finished, they were required to show the contents of their buckets.


One comment on “China holds masturbation contest

  1. Seas
    January 20, 2013

    All that happens is after you enter your open id (in my case, my lioenvurjal blog) the page reloads with no notification that your comment went through. Which is why I commented twice. I didn’t realize the first one went through. It’s much easier to just register with intensedebate and comment.

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