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Man believes he can defy the laws of physics in swimming pool


48-year-old Peter from Gippsland, Australia, is calling on the scientific community to study his “gift”, the ability to spin around slowly in a pool using nothing but the power of his mind. 

Peter claims to have discovered this ability when he jumped into a pool on Australia Day last year. He recalls:

“I hopped in the pool and spun around and I thought, ‘what the hell had happened'”.

Peter has been practicing the ability since then. He explains:

“There is certainly a force or energy that I’ve got control of… Just by having a thought I start moving.”

So far, the scientific community remains skeptical. After viewing videos of Peter spinning, Dr. Wenming Chen from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Melbourne said:

“What I am sure of is he is not violating any laws of physics… We have seen a lot stranger things than that happen, like a person jumping out of water like a dolphin and there are ways that we can explain it within the laws of physics.”

Chen went on to explain that he, along with a number of his colleagues who also viewed the videos, believe it’s Peter’s arms, rather than his mind, that keep him rotating.

“The change [in his arm movements] could be very small and you may be unable to tell just by looking at the video… He may not notice himself that he is using his arms. Our body is not like a piece of material that is fixed, if you move it changes your geometric properties so resistance to movement also changes.”

Special thanks to Matt O’Neill.


3 comments on “Man believes he can defy the laws of physics in swimming pool

  1. gizmo
    December 20, 2012

    i think he’s just full of gas…you can make a plastic soft drink bottle do the same thing

    • Christian White
      December 20, 2012

      Good point. Full of it, it more ways than one.

      • Emilio
        January 20, 2013

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