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Man sells human poo-coffee on Craigslist


Digested and excreted coffee beans are nothing new. The worlds rarest and most expensive coffee in the world, kopi luwak, is also known as “cat-poo coffee” because it passes through the body of a palm civet, a cat-like creature from the jungles of Asia.

Beans that has been “processed” by Thai elephants and Peruvian racoons have also been successfully marketed. But a man from Portlan, USA, has taken it one step further.

The man is selling his own “kopi luwak” style of coffee, having been grown, digested and excreted personally.

The ad reads:

“I’m a home roaster and I’m noticing in the newpapers that animal poop coffee is really popular and expensive. I’ve been growing yellow bourbon arabica in my greenhouse for a couple of years and it’s finally starting to produce quality cherry. I will personally ingest this cherry and mimic the “kopi luwak” process. I will roast this coffee so that it’s ready to brew, in time for the holidays. I will be able to harvest only a couple of pounds of this special kind of coffee so act now before it’s too late.

I’m 47, healthy, and will guarantee you’ll like my kopi luwak style coffees.”

It goes on to say:

“Fecal specimens available for inspection upon request.”


Special thanks to Anton Allen for sending me this delicious story.


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