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Runny nose turns out to be a leaking brain


35-year-old Arizona woman Aundrea Aragon complained of a runny nose for months before discovering the substance was actually brain fluid.

Several doctors assured her that the clear liquid leaking from her nose was the result of simple allergies, but Aragon remained unconvinced. She recalls:

“I was scared to death and desperate. I knew it could not be allergies. The fluid would come out like a puddle.”

Aragon was prescribed various antibiotics and steroids but nothing had an effect.

“I was walking around with toilet paper shoved up my nose and changing it every ten minutes.”

Surgeons at the University of Arizona eventually discovered two small cracks in the back of her sphenoid sinus, which were most likely caused by cerebral pressure. According to surgeon Dr. Michael Lemole:

“If you are leaking brain fluid out your nose then you have the potential for catastrophic meningitis, the kind where bacteria crawls into your brain and 24 hours later you are essentially in a coma or dead.”

Doctors were able to use tissue taken from Aragon’s nose and belly to repair the cracks.


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