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SUNDAY ODDBITS: Naked woman rides train, man uses his penis as a weapon, a one-eyed goat and more

Oddbits is our weekly round-up of odd things we may have missed during the week. Check out previous editions of OddBits here and here

“Cleaning Fairy” breaks into homes, cleans, leaves bill

53-year-old cleaner Susan Warren has been ordered to complete 20 hours of community service after pleading guilty to attempted burglary, after she broke into a house and cleaned it. Along with vacuuming and dusting, she also took the rubbish out. She then left a bill for $75 on a napkin.

She claims this is something she often did on a regular basis when she “wanted something to do.”

Naked woman rides the train

Commuters on the Vienna underground were stunned when a female passenger rode several stops wearing nothing but a pair of boots.

One passenger recalls:

“When some people grabbed their mobile telephones and started taking pictures she didn’t object – in fact she even seemed to be posing for the camera.”

The woman’s identity is still unknown, but a local newspaper has offered her a photoshoot in an attempt to make her come forward.

Cyclops goat

A one-eyed goat has been born on a farm in Perundurai, India.

The farm owner said:

“I have never witnessed such an incident in the past. A female goat gave birth to two calves, one of whom has just one eye right in the centre of its forehead.”

Thanks to Ali Capp for sending me this story.

Man beats wife with his penis

62-year-old Fred Thomas from Cushing, Maine, has been ordered to spend 5 days in jail after striking his wife with his penis. Thomas had offered his wife $20 for intercourse. When she decline he took out his penis and used it as a weapon.

Man has sex with dead deer

This kind of story would usually warrant its own OddFix post, but we’ve been a bit heavy on the people-having-sex-with-stuff-they-shouldn’t stories lately, like the elk who had sex with a cow, the man who had sex with cows, the man who had sex with 100 dead bodies, the man who had sex with a vacuum the woman who had sex with some skeletons.

Bryan Hathaway dragged the carcass of a dead deer off a busy road and into the woods and had sex with it. Hathaway’s defence led an appeal on the grounds that the charges didn’t apply because the animal in question was dead at the time. Thankfully, the conviction was upheld.


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