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Elk has sex with a cow

A bull elk estimated to weigh about half a ton has become a spectacle in Canada’s western province of British Columbia, after striking up a regular sexual relationship with a cow.

Rancher Greg Messner said the elk has been visiting a particular herd of cows for several years, perhaps working up the courage to make his move. Messner explained:

“He stuck around for a couple of days the first year. Then last year he was just hanging around again for a couple of weeks and not really doing anything, just hanging around and looking at the cows. This year, he decided to go for it.”

The elk stayed with the cow herd for around two months during its rutting season. Messner said:

“If you were there watching, it would be like an X-rated movie. Several times a day.”

Messner was finally forced to relocate the elk, but not because he was offended by interspecies-erotica. The spectators that would stop their cars on a nearby highway to watch the animals have sex created a dangerous situation.

Soon after that, hunters arrived hoping to poach the elk. Messner was left with little choice but to sedate the animal and take it 20km out of town.

But Messner isn’t sure the distance will keep them apart.

“I kind of think he will be back next year.”


3 comments on “Elk has sex with a cow

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  3. Putri
    January 22, 2013

    I haven’t posted in a while, so I have alot to say. Pug your tour is awsmoee! You are definitely super famous!! I cannot wait to hear more about Voodoo. And although you say Dutch isn’t super or modely, that picture of him in Seattle is like runway work. The looking to the side is totally high fashion! I agree with Dutch about the camping. C’mon who wouldn’t prefer that giant bed to dirt? Last I hope you had a great time visiting your cyber friends!!Paula from DE

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