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Man has penis removed after injecting it with olive oil

Thailand has recently seen a rise in men over 40 being hospitalised after injected their penises with foreign substances in an attempt to make them bigger.

The latest in this dangerous trend is a 50-year-old Thai man who spent years injected his penis with olive oil. When the oil developed into an infection and turned cancerous, the man needed emergency surgery to remove his genitals.

Of the large amount of men practicing homemade penile injection, some have used silicone, paraffin and even bees wax, all in an attempt to appear more well-endowed.

Sirikul Jiraranaikhajorn, a spokesperson for the Police General Hospital in Bangkok, had this to say about the issue:

“It only brings bad results — people misunderstand… A woman will love a man not because of the size.”

Thanks to Corrina for the story.

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4 comments on “Man has penis removed after injecting it with olive oil

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  2. Akiko
    January 20, 2013

    Size matters, but girls don’t want to hurt the feliengs of guys with small wieners. I tell my husband it matters, but he’s huge, so it really doesn’t bother him. I would suggest not injecting olives into your penis. Maybe not injecting anything into it. Learn to use big dildos on your girlfriends so they can have the feeling of a large unit occasionally.

  3. Herbie
    April 30, 2013


    Ever considered that the problem might be your big floppy vagina?

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