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Men’s bathing suit designed to guard against “penis shrinkage”

Many men worry about how their penis looks after a swim in cold water, especially sufferers of micropenis. But they needn’t worry any longer, because a $25 lycra bathing suit has been created to fight against that very problem.

The “Rooster Booster” features a pocket in the crotch, allowing for breathable foam padding to be added. According to the manufacturer, the padding not only guards against shrinkage and keeps the crotch area warm, it also “enhances and shapes” the area.

As if this wasn’t enough, there is “no adjustment” necessary when a man first steps out of a pool or the ocean. Designer Michael Yarwood explains, “every girl will tell you, a wet male crotch dressed in lycra is not attractive.”

Yarwood believes there is no reason to be ashamed of wearing the “Rooster Booster”, comparing it to a padded bra.


2 comments on “Men’s bathing suit designed to guard against “penis shrinkage”

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  2. Vipin
    January 22, 2013

    Actually, being in water that cold could cool down the body enough to ruedce the metabolism rate to the point at which one could go longer on a given amount of oxygen. So other free divers, if they were crazy enough, might want to give it a try.But jeez, it would be cold. The yoga has to be a key part of it.

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