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Man dreams he is growing a horn, dream comes true

102-year-old Saleh Talib Saleh, a resident of Shabwa in the Yemen, used to have reoccurring dreams about growing a horn. So he wasn’t surprised when a 50cm (1ft 8in) long horn grew out of the left side of his head.

The horn didn’t hurt Saleh so he didn’t bother seeking medical attention. “It was just something Allah wanted to happen to show the people that he can do as he de­sires,” Saleh explained.

 Saleh Talib Saleh

Over time, the horn became weaker and was very difficult for Saleh to manage in bed. It soon fell off and a second horn immediately began growing in its place.

Many people come from all over the Yemen to touch his horn.

“I have no idea why Allah chose me,” Saleh said. “But I thank God for his mercy and show of greatness.” 


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This entry was posted on November 13, 2012 by in Weird nature, Weird people.

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