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Man engraves dead wife’s vagina on tombstone

Three years ago Milena Marinkovic passed away, leaving behind a special request for her husband, Milan. Her dying wish was that a replica of her vagina be carved on her tombstone so her husband would never have cause to look at other women. Now, years later, the Serbian man has finally found a stonecutter willing to honour the request. 

In a letter left to her husband after she died, Milena wrote, “I don’t want you chasing other women. This way you will always remember me.” Along with the letter were detailed instructions, including several photos of her vagina to ensure complete accuracy.

“Now it’s finished and I love it and it’s a really good likeness,” Marinkovic explained. “And this way, a part of her will always be with me.”

Although the engraved labia is said to be a good representation of the real thing, many people can’t tell what it is. When the dead woman’s brother saw it, he asked why the bird on the tombstone had such a large beak. “I couldn’t help but laugh,” Marinkovic said.


One comment on “Man engraves dead wife’s vagina on tombstone

  1. fearfulgirl
    November 2, 2012

    This is NOT the tombstone you’d want to find if you went searching for your ancestry in a graveyard.

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