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Man turns up alive at his own funeral

Friends and family of 41-year-old Brazilian man Gilberto Araujo were gathered at a wake to mourn his death. Halfway through the wake Araujo walked in, alive and well.

Maria Meneze, one of the mourners, recalls, “people were so startled. Women were fainting, people started running all over the place.”

Araujo had been told by a friend that his family believed he was dead, and that they were in the process of burying him. “A friend of mine told me there was a coffin at the wake,” Araujo explains. “And that I was inside it. I told him: ‘but I’m alive! Pinch me!'”

The family were burying a corpse that looked almost identical to Araujo, enough to fool Araujo’s own brother, who mistakenly identified the body. The corpse has yet to be identified.

Gilberto Araujo and his unidentified doppelgänger 

Marina Santana, Araujo’s mother said, “I am just beside myself with joy. What mother who is told her son is dead is not going to be overjoyed when she sees her son alive again?”


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