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Penis snake discovered in Brazil

When a section of the Madeira River was being drained as part of a damn building project in Brazil, a group of engineers discovered a new species. While Atretochoana eiseltiis is actually a limbless amphibian, the creature has been dubbed the penis snake, for obvious reasons.

Biologist Julian Tupan explained that six penis snakes were found in total. “Of the six we collected,” Tupan said, “one died, three were released back into the wild and another two were kept for studies. We think the animal breathes through its skin, and probably feeds on small fish and worms, but there is still nothing proven.The Amazon is a box of surprises when it comes to reptiles and amphibians. There are still much more to be discovered.”

Originally dubbed “floppy snake”, the decision was soon made to change the name of the animal to “penis snake”. I, for one, am right behind that decision.


2 comments on “Penis snake discovered in Brazil

  1. Torre DeRoche (@FearfulGirl)
    October 21, 2012

    I’m worried that your next post might combine this snake and the breast feeding dog lady.

    • Christian White
      October 21, 2012


      Dog on one side, penis snake on the other. Her husband watching.

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