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Pig Olympics

The Pig Olympics are an organised sporting event where trained piglets from all over the world compete against one another for the glory of bringing home gold for their country.

12 piglets from seven countries took part in the most recent competition, held in St Louis, Missouri. The event usually begins with a running race through a twisting obstacle course, followed by “Pig Paddle”, where piglets paddle from one side of a pool to the other. By far the most popular event however, is “pigball”, where two teams of five pigs chase a soccer ball covered with fish oil.

Alexai Sharshkov is vice-president of the Sport-Pig Federation, which has around 100 members. He explained the federation’s strict no-eating policy. “They go on to produce the next generation of sport pigs,” Sharshkov said. “They don’t get eaten… How could you eat a competitor who is known around the world?”

Check out the video below, taken at the 2006 competition held in Moscow, Russia.


2 comments on “Pig Olympics

  1. Torre DeRoche (@FearfulGirl)
    October 15, 2012

    Pigs get exploited because God gave them a facial expression that is all grin and smize. “As happy as a pig in [insert ANYTHING here because they always appear to be happy].” But deep down, the feel nothing but shame.

    • Christian White
      October 15, 2012

      You’re so right. Re-watching that video with their inner shame in mind really changes the experience.

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