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Woman performs her own Caesarean with a kitchen knife

On March 5, 2000, Ramirez Perez began having labour pains in a small remote cabin in the moutons of southern Mexico. The nearest hospital was 80km away and her husband was drinking at a cantina with no phone. After 12 hours of intense pain, the 40-year-old mother of six took a few sips of rubbing alcohol, found a 15cm kitchen knife and began to cut. 

Ramirez used the knife to saw through skin, fat and muscle. She reached into her own uterus and pulled from it a crying baby boy. She then cut the umbilical cord with a pair of scissors and passed out.

“I couldn’t stand the pain anymore,” Ramirez explained. “And if my baby was going to die, then I decided I would have to die, too. But if he was going to grow up, I was going to see him grow up, and I was going to be with my child.”

Several hours after the home operation, the village health assistant Leon Cruz arrived. Ramirez was transported to the nearest hospital, where she underwent surgery to repair damage to her intestines.

Both Ramirez and her son, Orlando Ruiz Ramirez, recovered fully and are still healthy and happy today. Ramirez Perez is believed to be the only women in the world known to have performed a successful Caesarean-section on herself.


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