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Man gets breast implants for a bet

In the summer of 1996, Brian Zembic has a conversation with a friend about breast implants. The friend, named Jobo, suggested that breast implants were dangerous and unnecessary, while Zembic agued that getting a boob job was no big deal. Their conversation escalated to the point where a wager was made. Jobo would pay Zembic the sum of $100,000 if he had breast implants and kept them for a year. 

Zembic may not have gone through with the bet, but after losing a large amount of money on the stock market he had little choice. In October 1996, Zembic underwent breast augmentation surgery in New York. Jobo offered $50,000 to cancel the wager, but Zembic refused. One year later Jobo honoured the bet and deposited the full amount of $100,000 into Zembic’s account.

Zembic then made the unlikely decision to keep the breast implants, claiming they made him more popular with women.


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