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Text message sent from cow’s vagina

Swiss farmer Christian Oesch, who cares for a herd of 44 cows, has been the first to test out a new device that allows a text message to be sent from inside a cow’s vagina.

Modern day dairy cows are getting stressed out. Feeling the pressure to produce larger quantities of milk, they are showing fewer signs of heat. This makes it very difficult for the farmer to visually inspect the animal to determine when to bring in the bull, or the artificial inseminator. That’s why professors at a technical college in the Swiss city of Bern came up with the idea to implant a sensor into a cow’s vagina. The sensor measures body heat, then transmits the results to a second sensor attached to a collar around the cow’s neck. The second sensor measures body motion, as cows often become restless when they’re on heat.

“The results are combined, using algorithms, and if the cow is in heat an SMS is sent to the farmer,” explains computer specialist Claude Brielmann. “The detector is equipped with a SIM card so the farmer can pay for the calls.”

Animal rights advocates are questioning the device, expressing concern for the stressful conditions that have made genital-texting necessary. But the Swiss have some of the toughest animal rights laws in the world. For example, if you own a dog in Switzerland you are required by law to take a course on how to care for the animal properly. Another law strictly bans social animals, such as guinea pigs and canaries, from being kept without the company of a second animal.


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This entry was posted on October 5, 2012 by in Weird nature, Weird technology.

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