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The man who can’t forget

20-year-old Welsh man, Aurelien Hayman, has a highly advanced autobiographical memory, a condition called hyperthymesia. He can remember every detail from any given day during his teenage years.

When asked about a completely random date form his past, October 1, 2006, Hayman remembered that it was a cloudy Sunday, on which he listened to “When We Were Young” by the Killers, asked a crush out on a date and was rejected. He remembers what he was wearing and what he ate that day.

The average person stores long-term memory in the right frontal lobe of the brain, while Hayman’s brain uses the left frontal lobe and occipital areas at the back of the brain, allowing him better long-term memory capacity.

“There’s no method or technique to it.” Hayman explains, “I’m not aware that my memories are being coded. It’s like being able to access something in a filing cabinet very quickly. It’s like the dates have pictures. It’s a very visual process – there’s a sequence of images.”


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