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Man serves his own penis at dinner party

22-year-old Japanese man Mao Sugiyama, voluntarily had his genitals surgically removed. Sugiyama, who is asexual, then served his penis, testicles and scrotum to guests at a dinner party, garnished with mushrooms and parsley.

After his genital removal operation, Sugiyama took his frozen penis and scrotum home. He then wrote in a tweet, “I am offering my male genitals (full penis, testes, scrotum) as a meal for 100,000 yen. I’m Japanese.”

Five guests paid around $250 each to partake in the feast, while around 70 people attended the lavish dinner party. The guests who ate the penis, testis and scrotum, described them as rubbery, with very little taste.

Mao Sugiyama

As there are currently no laws against cannibalism in Japan, Sugiyama has been charged with indecent exposure.


3 comments on “Man serves his own penis at dinner party

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  3. Pranali
    January 22, 2013

    I’m not Dutch myself, but I’m a Dutch seekapr, so I took a look at the file. Apparently, it’s called a basic data set youth care’. It’s created at birth, and details physical and behavioral traits about, well, pretty much anything (which makes basic’ data set a nice euphemism). They’re maintained throughout your youth by anyone treating or counselling you professionally.Don’t know about the Netherlands, but when I was a kid in Belgium, you also had medical school supervision, which was scheduled once every two years, if I recall correctly. Your physical condition was checked very thoroughly, which indeed included a doctor feeling up your testicles to determine whether their size was normal. The Dutch may have something similar, or they may do something less pro-active’, like only noting stuff when the child actually has a problem to be dealt with. All in all, pretty disturbing stuff, especially when all that data gets thrown into a huge database

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