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World’s tallest man saves two dolphins

Two dolphins in an aquarium in Fushun, China, fell ill after eating plastic from around the edge of their pool. The plastic shards became lodged in the animal’s stomachs. Veterinarians attempted to retrieve the plastic shards using instruments, but all attempts failed as the dolphins retracted their stomaches. So they called in help…

Mongolian herdsman, Bao Xishun, is the tallest man in the world, standing at 2.36m (7ft 8.95in). He was asked by aquarium staff to use his 1.06m-long arms to reach into the dolphins’ stomachs and remove the shards. Towels were wrapped around the mammals’ teeth so he wouldn’t be bitten.

After some effort, most of the shards of plastic were removed by Xishun, and the dolphins enjoyed a full recovery.


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